Specially formulated for improved shade tolerance, drought survival and disease resistance.

Produces a lawn that has a rich, dark green color.
Durable: The heart of K-31 is it's amazing, deep root system. When the grass takes a beating, life-giving roots help it spring back for more. This quality makes K-31 ideal for heavy traffic or recreation areas.
Soil Adaptable: Whatever your soil type - acid or alkaline, dry or poorly drained, rocky or sandy (even perfect) K-31 will thrive. It requires little fertilization and provides an attractive lawn under almost all types of growing conditions.
Climate Tolerant: Hot summers and cold winters are no threat to K-31.  It's deep roots resist drought better than typical lawn grasses. During late fall, your K-31 lawn will remain greener longer.
Low Maintenance: It's nice to have a beautiful lawn. It's even nicer to have one without a lot of hassle. That's what K-31 gives you. It gives you a lawn that requires very little attention.
Weed and Disease Resistant: Once again, the dense root system is the hero. Choking out weeds and preventing them from sprouting. K-31 is also one of the most disease and insect resistant grasses available. You'll spend little or no time applying weed killers and pesticides.