Specially formulated for improved shade tolerance, drought survival and disease resistance.

Produces a lawn that has a rich, dark green color.
Fertilizing:   Apply a good non-burning fertilizer according to manufacturer's instructions and mix it into the top layer of soil with a rake. (A soil test is the most reliable method of determining fertilizer needs.)
Sowing: K-31 can be sown anytime of the year. However, best planting dates are early fall and early spring.

To establish new lawns - apply seed at the rate of 10 to 14 pounds per 1000 square feet

To over-seed an existing lawn - apply seed at the rate of 8 to 10 pounds per 1000 square feet

Important! These heavy planting rates are necessary to achieve a thick, smooth-textured lawn. For satisfactory results, do not attempt to seed at less than the suggested rates.

For even coverage, divide the required seed into two equal parts - sewing the first half in one direction and the second half at right angles. A mechanical seeder-spreader aids in accurate seed distribution.
Preparing The Soil:   Use a power rake or garden rake to loosen the soil surface.
Planting Instructions
Watering:   Keep surface soil moist by watering with a fine spray until normal germination takes place in approximately two weeks. Heavier, less frequent watering is sufficient as grass seedlings grow to cutting height.
Mowing:   When the new grass reaches three inches in height, use a sharp mower to cut it to a proper height of two and a half to three inches. Maintain this mowing height year-round to help the grass retain water during dry periods and shade out weeds before they establish.